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Poliya Poliflake


 poliflake poliya

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poliflake poliya


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Introduction of Poliya Poliflake

The poliflake filler system is a cost-effective alternative to solid or granite surfaces. Poliflake is mixed in a transparent gel coat and sprayed on the back of the work or on the mold or other primary surfaces. It is very easy to use and has great coverage, which saves money.

پلی فلیک پولیا poliflake

Applications of Poliya Poliflake

  • Kitchen and bathroom tables
  • Wash basin
  • Office furniture
  • Luxury coatings and other composite surface applications
  • Corian sink and stone

Important points regarding the use of Poliflake

Add 30 to 40 grams to one kilo of Gelcoat and mix thoroughly. Spray this mixture on the surface with a thickness of 4 mm.

poliflake poliya

poliflake poliya

poliflake poliya 1

poliflake poliya 1


poliflake poliya 2

poliflake poliya 2

Poliya Poliflake packaging

1 kg – 5 kg

Features of Poliya Poliflake

  • Product code: poliflake
  • Physical state: solid
  • In 16 different designs


poliflake datasheet poliflake datasheet


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