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Introduction of Ilkester Mold Cleaner

Ilkester Mold Cleaner is a type of cleaning agent that is used to clean and clear molds (usually industrial molds that are used to make various parts and products).

These products are designed to effectively and thoroughly clean build-up, debris, residual epoxy and polyester resin, adhesives, oils, waxes and other contaminants from the surface of molds.

The use of mold cleaner is important to the quality and precision of cleaning in many manufacturing industries, because clean molds improve the quality of final products and prevent problems such as material sticking to the mold and reducing their useful life.

Applications of Ilkester Mold Cleaner

Mold Cleaner is used in various industries as a cleaning agent and cleaning of molds and similar surfaces. Its main uses are:

Cleaning industrial molds

The main use of Ilkester mold cleaner is in cleaning industrial molds. These molds are usually used to produce various parts and products in industries such as plastic, metal, jewellery, etc.

Cleaning parts

Ilkester mold cleaner and degreaser can be used to clean parts that have been separated from molds and have various contaminations. This process improves the quality of the final parts.


Ilkester Mold Cleaner

Ilkester Mold Cleaner

Removal of impurities and residual resins

Ilkester mold cleaner is used to remove dirt, resins, sediments and residual materials from molds. These materials may be stuck to the surfaces of the molds due to frequent use.

Cleaning the work environment

Ilkester cleaner and degreaser can also be used to clean surfaces and work environments. This action creates a better and safer work environment.

Mold cleanliness test

Usually, after cleaning with Ilkester mold cleaner, a cleaning test is done using masking tape or water to make sure the mold has been properly cleaned.

How to use Ilkester mold cleaner

The CX-500 dries quickly. Start cleaning little by little. First, apply a small amount of mold cleaner and degreaser to the surface, then wipe it off with a clean cotton cloth before the cleaner dries.

For shiny mold surfaces, dampen a 100% cotton cloth with a sufficient amount of cleaning agent and rub the mold with moderate pressure to remove dirt. Then wipe with a cotton cloth before the material dries.

Non-gloss or metal molds may use nylon pads or stiff brushes to work the cleaner onto the surface. Again, after cleaning and before the cleaning agent dries, the mold should be wet with the remaining cleaning agent and then cleaned.

Thorough cleaning of molds may require multiple applications of a cleaning agent or other cleaning product.

Important points while using Ilkester mold cleaning liquid

  • Use chemical-resistant gloves such as nitrile, neoprene, or butyl.
  • Wash hands frequently and use hand cream if possible. After using the CX-500 for a long time, it is recommended
  • Wash hands, as this substance may leach into gloves after some time of continuous use.
  • Wear safety glasses and do not smoke until hands are thoroughly cleaned.
  • CX-500 contains flammable solvents and should always be used in a well-ventilated area.
  • Store in a cool and dry place.

After cleaning with CX-500:

Always perform a tape test on the mold after cleaning to assess the amount of release agent or hardener that has been removed. After heavy cleaning, it is usually recommended to reapply hardener and release to the mold.

Lighter cleaning or spot cleaning in one area may only require reapplying the release agent.

Cleanliness test

To test for cleanliness, apply a strip of high-quality masking tape to the surface of the mold and stick it evenly over the surface.

Then remove the masking tape from the mold at an angle of 45 degrees. When you pull the strip, you should feel resistance, which indicates that the mold is clean. Repeat this test in several places to ensure complete cleanliness.

Another example of surface cleanliness can be seen by pouring a little water on the mold. On glossy surfaces, water collects into droplets, but if you can easily break these droplets and do not form tight droplets and turn the water spot into a wide blue spot, this indicates that the mold is clean.

Ilkester mold cleaner Packaging

This product is offered in 4 kg packaging.

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