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Poliya PVA Liquid Film


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Introduction Poliya PVA Liquid Film

Poliya PVA liquid film is a mold release that contains a liquid in which PVA plastic is dissolved, which can be used to separate parts from the mold as well as possible.

Tips and features of PVA liquid film Poliya

  • Easy to use without any complicated and difficult instructions
  • It is easily polished.
  • It is easily separated from the surface of the mold

فیلم مایع پولیا pva

Important points regarding the use of Poliya PVA liquid film

  • It is applied with a sponge on the entire surface of the mold.
  • The mold should be left for 15-30 minutes to dry.
  • Hollow parts on the mold will delay the drying time, so apply the release agent carefully.
  • After drying, the mold is ready for casting.

Poliya PVA Liquid film packaging

Poliya liquid film is available in 1 liter packaging.

Durability of poliya liquid film

PVA liquid film lasts for 2 after opening.


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