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Epoxy Resin 150 UV


Epoxy resin 150 uv

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Epoxy resin 150 uv

Physical state


Color shade




Gel time

4 – 6 hours

Drying time

12 – 18 hours

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Introduction of 150 Epoxy Resin 150 UV

Epoxy Resin 150 UV is a two-component epoxy resin, a very transparent solvent that can be cast to a thickness of 2.5 cm for all layers on an average of 20 degrees, suitable for all decorative applications, such as furniture transparent epoxy table, wood coating, epoxy resin cube, LED electrical system cover, jewellery gift and so on.

Application of Epoxy Resin 150 UV

  • Extremely clear view
  • It has no yellowness
  • Crystal shine
  • With additional UV
  • Without any air bubbles
  • Amazing power
  • Excellent surface smoothness

UV 150 epoxy resin features

The curing agent should be selected according to the application. Baking at room temperature plus post-baking at moderate temperatures (50-60°C) gives high performance. Further stabilization at higher temperatures improves the thermal resistance of the part

Solid volume: 100% Application: 15-35 degrees Celsius

UV 150 epoxy resin packaging

Resin: 4 kg

Hardener 1 kg

Durability of UV 150 epoxy resin

One year

Properties of UV 150 epoxy resin

Product code 150

Physical state of liquid

Super transparent color

Viscosity: 1.200 – 1.800

Gelling time: 4 to 6 hours

Drying time: 12 to 18 hours

Hardener composition percentage: 20%

دیتاشیت رزین اپوکسی 150 دیتاشیت رزین اپوکسی 150 -2


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