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Poliya 213 Gelcoat


gelcoat 213 poliya

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gelcoat 213 poliya

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Gel time

10-20 minutes


20 kg

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Introduction of Poliya 213 Gelcoat

Poliya 213 Gelcoat is an ISO/NPG, acrylic modified, thixotropic, pre-accelerated gelcoat. This gelcoat is designed to be resistant to atmospheric weathering with minimal yellowing and gloss reduction over time.

Poliya 213 Gelcoat with high thermal shock and heat resistance provides conditions for the production of long-lasting kitchen counters.

Poliya 213 Gelcoat

Application of Poliya 213 Gelcoat

  • Use Poliya 213 Gelcoat to manufacture water storage tanks and food contact applications.
  • Production of automotive composite parts as a final gelcoat layer.
  • This high-performance gelcoat is resistant to weather and chemicals.
  • Creates beautiful properties in product production.

Features of 213 Gelcoat

  • High thermal shock resistance
  • Resistance to household chemicals
  • High resistance to UV and atmospheric weathering
  • Long-lasting aesthetic properties

Important points regarding the use of Poliya 213 Gelcoat

Mix the gelcoat slowly in the bucket before use, excessive speed during mixing will cause bubbles in the gelcoat.

The ideal application temperature should be between 18-25 degrees Celsius and humidity less than 80%. The mold must be polished and cleaned before gelcoating.

Poliya 213 Gelcoat Packaging

20 kg

Poliya 213 Gelcoat Durability

5 months from the date of production under proper storage conditions.

Poliya 213 Gelcoat Features

Product code 213

Physical state of liquid

Gelling time: 10 to 20 minutes

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