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What is Silica powder?

Silica powder is a mineral that consists of silicon dioxide (SiO2). Silica powder is in the form of white grains and is used as a popular material in glass making, tile making, ceramic, paint making, rubber, plastic, structural materials, waterproofing materials, coating and electronic industries.

Silicon powder or micronized silica powder is a byproduct of ferrosilicon alloy melting or industrial silicon, which is oxidized and cooled by the silicon vapor coming out of the chimney. Silicon powder is one of the best performing of all additives and also the most expensive. It is generally used only in concrete with high strength and durability.

Silica stone is one of the most widely used stones in nature, this stone is composed of a combination of silicon and oxygen, which must be powdered to use this product. Crystalline silica, also known as quartz, is a common mineral. It is found in soil, sand, granite, concrete, stone and many other materials.

Cutting, crushing, grinding, and drilling these materials creates a lot of dust that contains tiny particles of crystalline silica.

What is micronized silica powder?

Micronized silica powder is a white powder with very fine particles of silica (silica dioxide) that occurs naturally in igneous rocks or sand.

Due to its important properties such as heat resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and high hardness, micronized silica powder is used as a widely used material in the production of industrial products as well as in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Also, it is used as an absorbent material in buildings to prevent moisture and improve air quality.

Properties of powdered silica and silica rock

Silica is a chemical element with the symbol Si and atomic number 14 in the periodic table and is found in nature as one of the most floating and scattered elements and in most sedimentary and igneous rocks as well as in soil, volcanic rocks and river sediments.

Due to its physical and chemical properties, silica is used as a widely used material in various industries. Among the important properties of powdered silica and silica stone, the following can be mentioned:

  • Physical properties: Silica has high hardness and compressive strength and also has good electrical and thermal properties.
  • Chemical properties: Silica has very high anti-corrosion properties and chemical resistance, and it also has the ability to stain and remove color.
  • Medical properties: Silica is also used in the pharmaceutical and medical industries due to its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and high absorbency properties.
  • Industrial properties: Silica is used in various industries such as production of glass, paper, plastic, rubber and construction materials.

Chemical analysis of micronized silica

The chemical analysis of micronized silica can be different depending on the type of silica and the purpose of application. But in general, the chemical composition of micronized silica is as follows:

Silica dioxide (SiO2): The most common chemical compound is micronized silica, whose percentage is usually above 99%.

Mineral elements: micronized silica may contain other mineral elements such as aluminum, alkali metals, metals with high oxidation power, etc.

Saturating elements: These elements include iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium and may be present in micronized silica.

Also, the amount of heavy metals in micronized silica should also be measured. In general, for the chemical analysis of micronized silica, various techniques such as UV-Vis spectroscopy, FTIR, XRD and grain analysis are used.

سیلیس کریستالی

Types of silica powder

This type of hard stone is one of the most common materials on earth that exist in various types. Silica is used in industrial, food and beverage fields. Quartz raw materials are used for the production of opaque, artificial and clear glass, as well as for the production of ceramics. Silica exists in nature in the following three forms.

  • Quartz: This type is one of the polymorphs of silica and is stable at normal temperature and pressure due to its high hardness. The most type of silica in nature is this type of mineral.
  • Sandstone: Silica sand is a type of sedimentary quartz that is crushed naturally. These grains are stuck together by particles of clay, lime, iron oxide or other materials.
  • Flint: This type is composed of quartz, calcium carbonate, water and organic matter and its color is light brown, black or gray. This type of siliceous skeleton of sponge animals dissolves in sea water and settles on the seabed.

Application of pure silica powder

Since silica rock has many applications, the type of silica powder, which is an example of its processing product, is also used in various industries. Examples of its uses include foundry, ceramic, plastic, water turbidity treatment, sand filtration, etc.

Perhaps the most interesting application of buying pure silica powder is in the field of making sports equipment. In this context, colored micronized silica powder is used to increase attractiveness and beauty.

Because the resistance of this material is high; They use it to make devices and buildings that need resistance. One of its important uses is in the construction industry. Buying micronized silica powder for concrete is an example of its important applications that increases the strength of your structure.

Of course, it should be noted that the higher the purity of silica, the more durable your final product will be.

Some factories also produce synthetic silica, but it all comes from silica sand. It is common to buy natural or synthetic silica powder (sugar granulated silica) in non-food products.

  • Glass industry: micronized silica is used as one of the most important raw materials in glass production.
  • Paint industry: Silica powder is used as a filler in the paint industry. It is also used as a filler in the production of polymer products.
  • Clothing industry: micronized silica is used as a filler and fire retardant in clothing production.
  • Food industry: Silica is used as an anti-heat agent, moisture absorption and preventing food from sticking to each other in food packaging.
  • Chemical industries: micronized silica is used as a filler and waterproof material in the production of chemical products such as paints, resins and rubbers.
  • Pharmaceutical industry: In the pharmaceutical industry, silica is used as a filler and absorbent.
  • Paper industry: In paper production, silica is used as a filler and reinforcement.
  • Textile industry: micronized silica is used as a filler and prevents fibers from sticking to each other in the production of different fabrics.

Powdered silica fertilizer and the advantage of using silica in agriculture

Powdered silica fertilizer actually contains silica powder (micronized silica) which is used as a soil conditioner in agriculture. This fertilizer contains heavy silica (more than 90% silica) or light silica (less than 90% silica).

Powdered silica fertilizer has the following properties:

  • By adding powdered silica fertilizer to the soil, the structure of the soil is improved and the soil uses more water and nutrients.
  • Powdered silica increases the resistance of plants to diseases and pests.
  • By using powdered silica fertilizer, the growth of weeds in the soil is reduced.
  • Powdered silica absorbs moisture, and as a result, the soil absorbs more moisture, which is beneficial for plant growth.
  • Powdered silica has the ability to absorb nutrients from the soil and thus is useful for improving plant nutrition.
  • By using powdered silica fertilizer, the productivity of agricultural products is improved.


سیلیس دانه شکری

Silica for sanitary purposes

Silica is used as a useful material in health and beauty industries. Some applications of silica in these fields are:

  • Silica is used as an exfoliating agent in health products such as soaps, face masks, and lotions.
  • Due to its fat absorption properties, silica is used in the preparation of products such as shampoo and body wash products that are effective in reducing fat and oil.
  • Silica is used as a scrub ingredient in skin care products such as face masks. This substance is also used as a drying agent in acne masks.
  • Some sunscreens contain silica, which protects the skin from the harmful rays of the sun.
  • Silica is used as a washing agent in hair care shampoos and in the preparation of damaged hair care products such as hair conditioners.
  • Silica is used as a natural tooth cleaner instead of chemical cleaners.

The price of micronized silica powder

The price of silica powder is one of the most important factors influencing the choice of a silica powder manufacturing company. Shimi Afsoon is one of the leading and popular companies in the field of silica powder production, which, with an experienced team and advanced equipment, offers quality products at reasonable prices.

The price of Silica powder of Shimi Afsoon company is also very suitable and high quality compared to other companies.

For this reason, the use of this company’s products can be one of the best options for various industries such as petrochemical, construction and automotive industries. In addition, due to the efforts of Shimi Afsoon Company to improve the quality and performance of products, it can be said that the price of silica powder of this company is in accordance with the quality and acceptable.

Buying micronized silica powder from Shimi Afsoon

Shimi Afsoon is one of the reliable companies in the field of production and sale of chemical and composite materials in Iran, which also provides silica powder to its customers. Micronized silica powder is one of the chemical substances with very wide applications, which is used in the production of pharmaceutical, clothing, paper, paint, protective coatings, etc.

industries. Silica powder of Shimi Afsoon is very beautiful in appearance, without temperature and in dry and powdery form.

By purchasing Silica powder from Shimi Afsoon, you can benefit from the high quality of this chemical substance for the production of your products and use its efficiency and optimal performance in your industrial processes.

سیلیس پودری

Micronized Silica Powder Packaging

The packaging of silica powder in 40 kg bags is one of the products that are marketed by Shimi Afsoon. Silica powder is used as a very important mineral in various industries. Shimi Afsoon provides its customers with the production and packaging of this product in 40 kg bags. These packed bags not only allow maintaining the quality of silica powder, but also are very practical and simple in transportation. Due to the high quality of silica powder and the packaging of Shimi Afsoon products, this company is known as one of the most reliable manufacturers of silica powder in the market.

سیلیس شکری

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy silica powder?

In order to buy micronized silica powder, the experts of Shimi Afsoon will provide you with a free consultation before buying and offer silica with the highest degree of purity and quality for sale.

What is micronized silica powder?

Micronized silica powder (micronized powder) is the result of the process of grinding industrial stones or silica stone.

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