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Solgern Fiber scissors


Solgern Fiber scissors

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Introduction of Solgern Fiber scissors

Fiber scissors is a tool used to cut fibers. These scissors usually have blades with special features for cutting and separating fibers. Fiber scissors are commonly used in the textile industry, clothing industry, and other industries that use natural or synthetic fibers.

These scissors usually have handles for better grip and control. The blades of fiber scissors are usually very sharp so that they can easily and accurately cut the fibers. Also, some fiber scissors have special designs to prevent fibers from sticking to the blades.

As you know, cutting glass, carbon, aramid, etc. fibers without using proper and high-quality fiber scissors becomes a difficult and exhausting task. Almost every composite project requires cutting, especially during the preparation stage. Make sure that the scissors, cutters and accessories you choose for cutting glass and carbon fibers match the quality of the composite part you intend to produce.

Create efficiency in your project with Solgern Fiber Scissors, a product of Turkey. Don’t waste your time or money using dull or poor quality blades that can tire you out. Improve your tooling and make clean, precise cuts every time, without damaging or altering the texture of fibers or fabric or creating messy edges.

Use the necessary care in choosing and buying the type of fiber scissors. Scissor blades and the type of scissor handle are among the items that should be of high quality and should feel comfortable in the hand while cutting and should not cause damage to the fingers. Solgern fiber scissors produced in Turkey is the best option for cutting composite fibers.

These scissors are designed for aramid fabrics, glass and carbon fibers, etc., and have high impact resistance.

Application of Solgern fiber scissors

Solgern fiber scissors are used to cut glass, carbon, aramid, etc. fibers because it has high impact resistance and fabric hardness.

Features of Solgern fiber scissors

The handles of the carbon fiber cutting scissors are designed in such a way that they fit perfectly in the hand of the user without slipping and prevent any sliding movement and damage.


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