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Fiberglass Laminating Roller


Fiberglass Laminating Roller

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Introduction of Fiberglass Laminating Roller

A fiberglass laminating roller is a tool that looks like a small roller and has a smooth and sticky surface. The fiberglass laminating roller prevents air from entering and creating holes and unevenness in the process of making fiberglass parts. In this process, a flat layer of fiberglass is placed on a clean, flat surface with a suitable resin. Then, using a fiberglass laminating roller, air and air bubbles are compressed between the fiberglass layer and the resin and are removed from the part manufacturing process. This will result in a smooth surface without holes in the fiberglass piece.

Fiberglass Laminating Roller

Fiberglass Laminating Roller


Application of Fiberglass Laminating Roller

Using the laminating roller, the fiberglass layer and resin are compressed and the air and air bubbles are pressed between them so that they can be removed. The use of fiberglass laminating roller can help improve the quality and strength of fiberglass parts and prevent air from entering the part, which can reduce the risk of cavities and unwanted deformation of the part. This tool is used to coat fibers with gelcoat or resin from a roller

Feature of Fiberglass Laminating Roller

The design of the plastic handle of this roller allows easy and comfortable use. This handle fits well in the hand and the use of aluminum metal roll as the body of the roller provides light weight and high resistance. These features make the roller easy to carry and use in different spaces, and at the same time, it has the necessary durability and strength.

By using a fiberglass laminating roller with a plastic handle and an aluminum metal roll, you can improve the quality and strength of fiberglass parts and use high-quality products without holes. This can lead to increasing customer satisfaction, reducing the cost of parts maintenance and increasing their useful life.

Epoxy and gelcoat laminating roller size

Different sizes of epoxy resin and gelcoat laminate rollers are available and you can order three sizes of 8, 12 and 20 cm according to your work.

  • 8 cm size: This size is usually used for small projects and less lamination needs. It can be useful in detailed and detailed work such as small repairs or making small parts.
  • 12 cm size: This size is a suitable option for medium to larger works. It can be used to make medium-sized parts, bodies, automotive equipment and other medium-sized projects.
  • 20 cm size: This larger size is used for larger projects and more ventilation needs. It can be used to make bodies, large parts, industrial and construction equipment.


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