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Eltos Industrial Mixer Drill


Industrial stirrer drill

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Industrial stirrer drill

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Introduction of Eltos Industrial Mixer Drill

Industrial mixer drill is a tool for mixing materials such as mortar, cement, grout, paint, etc. The industrial mixer of paint and resin helps to create a homogenous and uniform mixture of materials. 42.5 cm Eltos industrial mixer drill with high speed and strong motor power, helps you to mix materials quickly and efficiently.

Also, the unique design of this drill reduces energy and wears less for the user.

Eltos is a reliable Turkish brand in the field of manufacturing construction and industrial tools. The products of this brand are one of the popular choices among manufacturers and users and are known for their high quality and performance.

In any case, before using the Eltos 42.5 cm drill or any other tool, it is always recommended to carefully read and pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines.


Eltos Industrial Mixer Drill

Eltos Industrial Mixer Drill

Application of paint and resin mixer drill

As mentioned, the industrial mixer is used to combine, mix and stir materials such as resin, gelcoat, grout, paint, glue and similar liquids. The industrial drill series is in the form of vanes so that the mixing and mixing of materials can be done uniformly and smoothly.

Feature of Eltos industrial drill

Eltos industrial mixer drill has a height of 42.5 cm and an opening diameter of 10 cm.


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