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Ilkester Provaks Plus Spray



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Introduction of Ilkester Provaks Plus Spray

High performance mold release agent suitable for epoxy resin and polyester resin spray.

Application of Ilkester Provaks Plus Spray

This product can be used for finished products, marine transportation vehicles, water slides, polyester furniture, sanitary materials, etc.

Ilkester Provaks Plus Spray

Features of Ilkester Provaks Plus Spray

  • Easy to use without any complex and difficult instructions
  • Without dangerous solvents
  • Easy to polish.
  • After one polishing, it can be produced several times
  • Easily separated from the surface of the mold.
  • 6 production series with 1 consumption

Important points regarding the use of Ilkester Provaks Plus Spray

It should be stored in its original packaging, closed in such a way as to prevent it from drying out, and stored in a cool environment. It should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

Spread with a cloth to the entire surface of the mold, including the flanges, on a mold that has been washed with water and dried in normal molds, and with circular movements, a thin layer is obtained, and immediately cleaned with another clean dry combed cloth.

After waiting 15-20 minutes, the cleaned and polished mold is ready for polyester or gel coat casting.

If you do not wait 15-20 minutes after polishing, the wax film will not dry completely and may dissolve with polyester on it. Naturally, in this case, the product does not come out of the mold.

By using PROVAKS PLUS SPRAY, 5-6 products can be easily obtained once on very bright and flawless molds.

Packaging of Ilkester Provaks Plus Spray

1 liter

Durability of Ilkester Provaks Plus Spray

This product from Ilkester separator has a shelf life of up to 2 years from the date of production and storage in optimal conditions.

دیتاشیت پلی-واکس-پرو(اسپری)-2 دیتاشیت پلی-واکس-پرو(اسپری)-1


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