Non-Saturated Polyester Resins

This group of Resins is used for producing composite commodities and fiberglass molds. Use in layer configuration: manual, spray, thread and laminate is another aspect of it. it is used widely in fiberglass, light sheet, tools, tanks, boat, ship and gel coat industries. This company is the exclusive representative of polyester resin of Maham Resin factory, Darin Shimi and Rositan company.

polyester gel coats
Iso polyester gel coats (Iran and foreign made)
Ortho polyester gel coats (Iran and foreign made)
Vinyl ester resin
Bisfenola vinyl ester resins (Iran & foreign made)
Novolak vinyl ester resin (foreign made)


Hetron 922: vinyl ester resin as fiberglass or reinforced plastics used for anti-corrosive, making pipes, tanks, parts, industrial cycles : 1-anti resistant 2. thermal resistance 3. electric insulation

Anti-bubble resin

It is a solution that, when mixed with resin, causes bubbles inside the resin to come out faster and is mostly used for casting.

Products Data Sheets

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