Carbon Fiber – Peel Ply – Kevlar Fiber

What is Kevlar Fiber?
Kevlar fibers are highly resistant to heat shock and shock and are widely used in the military and shipbuilding industries today, as all vests and bullet-proof vehicles are made of Kevlar fibers. And in sports industry, it is used as protective clothing in motorcycle and car racing and in sailing.

What is Dacron?
The property of these fibers prevents the glass behind the work due to the accumulation of resin and has the ability to connect fittings.

What is carbon fiber?
The salient characteristics of carbon fibers include its elastic properties, flexibility, resistance to friction, durability, and its low specific gravity, which has shown significant resistance even against X-ray transmission and high pressure and heat. Is. Therefore, today, carbon fiber in composite technology has created a change that human beings have been deprived of until today.

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