Polyurethane foam and adhesive

Wood foam:
The best alternative in the furniture industry is building interior decoration and و

Advantages of using wood polyurethane foam: 1- Simple and fast production process 2- High mechanical properties 3- No water absorption 4- Excellent surface and appearance

Variety of foam molds:
Silicone Heart: For Negative Angle Parts
Mold with epoxy resin: for simple parts

Polyurethane adhesive:
For wood and insulation and sealing of industrial refrigerators


To make all kinds of decorative parts, decor and furniture making industries and works of art, paintings and photo frames, etc.

Poly and ISO preparation method for producing wooden polyurethane foam:

First, we reduce the humidity of the bridge to zero. Then mix the bridge with ISO and mix with a high speed mixer. The material must be spread on the surface of the mold otherwise the material will bubble at one point of the mold

Density 500 to 550 with 15 to 25% volume increase

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