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Afsoon Chemical Company was established under the management of Mr. Hamid Bahramnejad in 1372 and started its activity in the field of chemical and composite industries. The activity of this company started from the sale of composite raw materials and molding resins and gradually thanks to the efforts of management and specialized and experienced manpower by updating the existing information in this field and continuous presence in exhibitions and domestic scientific circles and Abroad, with the expansion of its field of activity, it has established a factory called Afsoon Fiber in the field of production of composite parts. The company is the exclusive representative of crushed glass and carbon fiber products from Camelson Turkey, chromate and glass fibers from Sphertex Germany, red and transparent sanitary molds and heat sanitizers from Guangzhou Jingyi China, cobalt acid and separating wax and paint paste from the company FRP China, composite tools from Akrulo Turkey, also the exclusive representative of up 1818 and up 2020 ISO resins of Maham Resin company, 1800 polyester resin from Drin Shimi company, and 2155 polyester resin from Rositan company and needle fiberglass sales agent 225-300-450 powder and oil and 400 and 600 wicker glass fibers from Sina company and representative of DY-828 epoxy resin from TERVAN company in China.

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In today’s industrial world, if you want to find a safe and suitable alternative to the equipment for manufacturing fiberglass and composite parts, you can prepare all of them in Afsoon Chemistry.

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